Thursday, April 21, 2016

This and that

I saw an amazing Hungarian film at Cinema Nova in Carlton last week called Son of Saul. It was intense and almost claustrophobic in the way it was filmed. Warning, the film contains graphic representations of Auschwitz and the fact that most of these images were in the background and blurred made them none the less compelling. I'm still editing my novel and not liking it any more than I did a few weeks back. It may never see the light of day. I went to The Essential Ingredient in Prahran today to purchase some Muscovado sugar for the birthday cake I'm making on Saturday and on my way I dropped into the Market Gallery, 205 Commercial Road and saw some incredible photo-realistic oil paintings by a female artist called Eve (sorry, can't remember her surname). Go and have a look if you are down that way. Had my yearly fluvax this morning, my left arm is sore and I'm not feeling on top of my game. It's raining and tomorrow it's my birthday so I'm hoping it's a reasonably nice day. I'll begin by going to the gymnasium and having a morning coffee. Cross fingers that I'm not too sick. Best to everyone who follows this blog.

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