Monday, March 2, 2015

Walk #3: Bridge Road, Richmond to Prahran Market, Malvern Road.

On Saturday morning I walked from Bridge Road/Church Street, Richmond to the Prahran Market in Malvern Road (4 km). I walked on the right hand side of Church Street and you can see from the photographs I took below why it is named as it is.

The street is awash with old buildings; most significant is the Great Britain Hotel - Winston Churchill looking most fine and the Bryant and May match factory. Of course, I stopped for a cup of coffee on the way and my walk was a stroll rather than anything that might be considered athletic. (Ha)

The most enjoyable part of the walk for me was walking over the Church Street bridge. The river looked absolutely beautiful, but I must say I was rather impressed by this cascading stairway from the bridge to the waters edge.

 Photo above is my absolute favorite because of the reflection of the bridge in the water and the ambitious graffiti.

I'm afraid that there wasn't much of interest for the next three blocks, which were filled with Designer clothing shops. However, amidst all of those building was a tiny walkway called Lovers Walk.

Prior to arriving at the Prahran I did photograph St. Joseph's Church and this gorgeous pub.

Best 'catch of the day' was when I recognized and photographed Peter Ellis (currently an Associate Professor in Art at RMIT), but was one of my painting tutors when I undertook my BA in Painting/Printing at RMIT 1989-1981 walking into the market with his shopping trolley.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walk #2 Hawthorn Bridge to Riversdale Road, Hawthorn via Burwood Road.

On Thursday I undertook another big walk, this time from Hawthorn Bridge to Riversdale Road via Burwood Road (as far as 480) - I think it was about 4 km.I began by photographing my mother's first school Hawthorn Central Primary. (If you click on the images you can see more detail)
I also photographed Christ Church adjacent to the school. It has a National Trust status and I can understand why as the foundation stone was laid on 19 November 1853 by Governor Charles LaTrobe.
The photograph below shows the amazing view of the city of Melbourne from Christ Church hill.
I walked through to St. James park and took a photo of the WW2 Korea Shrine and back to Burwood Road.

I walked up Burwood Road and crossed over to Lavage Street, the house my parent's lived in when I was born. That fence looks as if it has been there all my life!
I proceeded up Burwood Road and turned left into Power Street to take a photograph of the first school that I attended - St. Joseph's Primary. It has hoardings surrounding it advertising the fact that it is to be converted into a posh retirement village. Thankfully it looks as though they will be incorporating the school and little catholic church. I was only able to take this photo because a gate was open. I still remember running down that ramp each day.

I backtracked a little to look in the large Salvoes shop on the left hand side and then took some photos of the Immaculate Conception church, which has massive scaffolding around the spire.

After stopping off for lunch I headed up to the first house I lived in with my grandmother at 480 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. Searching for Easter eggs in the hedgerow was an early memory as was sitting on those steps.
Oh, just one more note, I'm calling the following photograph Vampire (as I've recently seen the Iranian film A girl walks home alone at night. Young girl with cape near Swinburne University.
I'm not sure where my next walk will take me. Perhaps to the Botanical Garden or Dights Falls. I will check in with you all then.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Walk from Bridge Road to Abbotsford Convent today.

I walked to and from Bridge Road, Richmond to Abbotsford Convent today. I headed off at around 8.40am down Church Street into Victoria Street, then walked all the way down Nicholson Street into Yarra Boulevard and entered the convent via Clarke Street and St Heliers Street, Abbotsford. I think that's about 5km all up. On my way I stopped for coffee at a lovely place called Three Bags Full cafe housed in the historic building that was Denton Hat Mills, a three storeyed late Victorian factory, built in 1888 and now comprises the coffee shop, various businesses and residents.

The manager kindly showed me this display on the wall of three of the hats that used to be made and some gorgeous photographs of factory workers available in the State Library collection.

After having my coffee I took a photo of the Park Hotel, itself 150 years old and the mural in Browns Reserve. Designed by Carol Ruff, it was painted in 1988 and still looks fresh.
I finally arrived at Abbotsford convent at around 10.15am and then walked around, saw the exhibitions in C3 Contemporary Art Space and then headed off home. Here's some photographs I took whilst at the convent.

I can tell you that I am thoroughly exhausted after returning home around 1.15pm. But I plan to do another long walk in the near future. Will keep you posted. (As usual all photographs are Copyright to Julie Clarke!).

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


PROJECTED EXPRESSIONS IN THE JEAN PAUL GAULTIER EXHIBITION currently showing at NGV International. All photographs were taken my moi


SELFIE AT THE EXHIBITION (Yes, I was wearing a frock)
AMAZINGLY EXQUISITE FILL STILLS FROM THE YANG FUDONG FILMSCAPES currently showing at ACMI. Be warned, I loved his short films but the one about the dogs in the back room is really disturbing.

I got into the CBD around 10.30 and it was raining, which meant that people in most of the photographs looked rather serious.

Her child hit her in the throat. Photo: Julie Clarke 2015
Another small child dwarfed by the crowd. Photo: Julie Clarke 2015
Some not as fortunate as others. Photo: Julie Clarke 2015