Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Well the new year has begun and I'm happy to report that two of my small drawings are now hanging & are for sale in the exquisite space that is THOK (The House of Khans), 230 Bridge Road, Richmond.

If you are in the area why not drop in and take a look at the myriad of artistic creations and ornamental items that would enhance your decor.

Have a chat or contact Polly and Dom Khan on
0423614512, the houseofkhans.com or email the house of khans@gmail.com.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Beginning again, after long break...

Hi Folks,
It's been absolutely ages since I posted on this blog and that's because I took up an art residency in the Neuroscience Department of St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne in August. I have to date created a number of artworks, namely drawings, digital microscopic photographs of insects and small material sculptures including Jacaranda seed pods, which I covered in imitation gold leaf and placed in two Perspex containers and twenty-three Avocado seeds, which I've peeled and placed into a wooden box. Does't sound like much, but I'e also had lengthy conversations with the Head of Research, which broach on Philosophy rather than Art and Science; but hey, he's a scientist and I'm interested in science fiction and there is a beautiful blend there. Below is one of the insect images that have been either cropped or color changed. Hope that you enjoy it. Oh, one of my drawings from last year has been selected for Connected 2019 exhibition, which will be held in the Atrium, Federation Square in December. 

Julie Clarke (c) 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Art in Science, Science in Art Exhibition

Well, it's nearly ten years since I began this blog (on 9 August 2009) and am happy to report that my drawing below, which is graphite and ink on a water color wash, was shortlisted for the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery, Art in Science, Science in Art exhibition now showing at St. Vincent's Gallery, Daly Wing, St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. The exhibition runs until 30 August and contains some interesting responses to the theme. My work has already been sold but is still hanging if you are interested and are in the vicinity.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Latest June

In August this year I celebrate ten years of this blog, which has been visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors. I must admit that of late I have become disinterested in regularly posting, but I suppose that was expected after such a sustained period. I 'm unsure whether I'll continue with it for another ten years or whether to attempt to archive the contents. I'm pleased that so many people have been interested even though the blog site has never been advertised and I'm happy that I've not succumbed to  monetizing it.  I want to do something to celebrate the ten years but have not decided whether if if that might happen. In the meantime I report that I have been drawing furiously, which mostly gives me pleasure. Signing off for now.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Monday, April 8, 2019

Paintings on wall of Art Cafe, Richmond

These seven acrylic paintings (two on hard board - top left and top right), one oil pastel (bottom left) and pencil drawing (bottom right) are also on the wall at the Art Cafe, 255 Bridge Road, Richmond (Open every day). They are all priced under $300.00. Great thing that is, unlike a gallery showing you do not have to wait to collect the work. You can take it off the wall and taken it home after purchase. Eftpost facilities are available. An artwork that you buy for $300, works out to be only $5.00 a week or a minuscule amount over your lifetime.

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Six (out of nine) paintings (four on left) and framed prismacolor drawings (two on right) (2015-2017) of mine entitled Succulent Forms are now displayed on the wall of the Art Cafe in Bridge Road, Richmond and are for sale - ranging from $100 to $350. If you are in the area drop by and have a look. Many thanks to Michelle (the owner), Ben who installed the works and Catherine for her interest in these and other artworks of mine.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Julie Clarke Drawings January 2019

So far this year I've been making drawings in an attempt to be non-representational. However, thinking about it something is always represented in mark making even if it is only color, style adopted, texture, etc. Here are some of the drawings, which are mostly acrylic paint and pencil on Fabriano paper. Of course, as usual, the colors are not accurate. I've begun another one 56 x 76 cm and will post when it is completed.