Celebrating the Exquisite Corpse (2000)

Hush, hush, the most beautiful....For Meret Oppenheim - Julie Clarke (2000)
The Age Newspaper, June 2000

120 artists were selected for Celebrating The Exquisite Corpse exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery in 2000 (Curated by Anonda Bell). We were just three of them. Here is our entry reproduced in the Age Newspaper on 21 June. You will notice that I did the top half, it's a reproduction of a photo of my great grandmother surrounded by leaves and flowers I gathered from around Melbourne Uni to which I added part of the  poem by Surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim, who wrote Hush, Hush, the most beautiful vowel empties itself. Maggie's section (of course she did not know what I did) was text and image based and Irene Clark's was hand drawn.