STRANGE BLOOD SPORT (2011) Rare Object

Strong, vivid flow with never a wrong note. Sometimes like Lautreamont and sometimes like Duras...observed detail in coherence and have reordered feeling and intelligence and given us very strong poetry. (Nicholas Pounder, Antiquarian and Rare Book Seller, NSW)

Cixous-like multidimensionality - and memory-like bits of biography, fantasy (Kris Hemensley, Australian poet and manager of Collected Works Bookshop, Melbourne)
Written in July 2011, Strange Blood Sport is an A4 fold over book of poetic prose which has been printed on archive quality paper and is hand sewn with black upholstery cotton with a blood red cover. Some early copies were bound like the image above, most are sewn down the middle. It contains approximately 10,400 words and is divided into 11 sections that may be read in any order. It is a rare object since no more than 30 copies will ever be made. Some of the books may include a drop of blood from the author/artists body. I am hoping that the book will be accessible through the State Library of Victoria, Rare Books section early in 2012. Sale Inquiries may be directed to
Two sections of Strange Blood Sport, namely  Water and Refuse were published in Hecate: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Women's Liberation, 37.2, 2011 (ps.74-79) (Ed.) Carole Ferrier, The University of Queensland.

Other rare books of poetic prose by Julie Clarke (who was using her former name Julie Clarke-Powell) include:
Neo Books, Melbourne, 1984.

Post Neo Publications and printed by Sybylla Co-operative Press in 1985. [14] p. 26 cm.
Self-published in 1988 with assistance from Robert Kenny. (20) p.
Skywriter and Echo Mind Fall are held in Rare Books, State Library of Victoria (Curator: Des Cowley), Matheson Library, Monash University, The University of Buffalo and in the General collection at The Bailleau Library, The University of Melbourne. Echo Mind Fall is available at Academy Library, University of NSW@ADFA. Skywriter is held by the City of Boroondara Library Service. Veils is available at the National Library of Australia,  ISBN 073160764.