Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nothing much to say

I've been in the habit over the past year or so of going to the gymnasium each morning and doing about 20-30 minutes of formal exercise. I usually have a coffee at one of the local establishments, do a little shopping and then go home to read, write, paint or do some domestic duties. I added knitting to my list over the past few colder days and have been happy to be just sitting in front of the television passing wool over needle. The cold mornings have reminded me of what Winter is like and although I enjoy Autumn, which is just around the corner, I can't say that I like the cold. The doves and magpies I feed twice a day are also feeling the cold and are demanding more food and fighting over it when it arrives. I haven't really got that much to say. I have nothing that I feel really passionate about at the moment and I suppose that's strange for me, but I figure maybe I just need a rest from the things I usually do for a while and then when the internal motivation kicks in again I'll be back in action.

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