Friday, November 9, 2012

Totally cracked!

Excuse me madam. Yes, you in the four-wheel drive, with your eyes on your mobile phone and your foot on the accelerator traveling at break neck speed through the car park in Camberwell. You with your dodge-em- car attitude and utter disrespect for pedestrians, you with your foul language spat in my direction because I had the audacity to cross your path.  I’m the one that should have rage, not you. I am entitled to walk along the pavement without being nearly run over by people like you! I’m so sick and tired of drivers in this area. Many refuse to stop when the tram does, many run through green lights. Most are rude if you actually call attention to their behavior. My question is: Where are police officers when you need them? OK, that’s the negative part of this post. The positive part is, that on my way home I found this gorgeous, light blue and brown speckled egg shell, but I’ve yet to discover what type of bird laid it.

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