Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to cite from a blog or website

OK, so you are a student or other individual, blogger, journalist - whatever and you have found something interesting on this blog and would like to use a quote from one of the articles in a piece of your own writing. The following is information as to how you would include the citation, which I've now placed on the header to the blog. But here it is again. For example, how to cite this paragraph from my review of Prometheus:

Clues about our human/alien evolution are given in the opening scenes of Prometheus in which a humanoid creature, standing on the edge of a cliff within a vast watery expanse, drinks a surging black liquid from a vessel and begins his metamorphosis into something less distinguishable from the human form. Above him a star ship departs the planet. The viewer is privy to microscopic strands of DNA that dissolve from the humanoid’s corpus as he disintegrates and eventually collapses into the water; thus beginning a biogenetic reaction between human and alien genetics.

Clarke, Julie (2012), Prometheus film review, Anything But Human, Sunday, 24 June,
(Accessed: 10 November, 2012). (un-paginated).

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