Friday, September 30, 2011

Pay it forward

Every time I think that the world is a cold and impersonal space, a zone in which car drivers don't give a damn that you have to get off the tram and just keep driving even though the tram has stopped or when (again) car drivers are so obsessed with trying to find a car park that they forget pedestrians attempting to negotiate the space. When single people are overlooked in favor of couples at coffee shops, who invariably get served first; when people push past you even though they can see that you are down laden with grocery bags - even with all the selfishness that we all at times experience, pockets of extreme kindness emerges. So, although these people will never know it,  I want to thank the person ~ I think her name was Rosie (Education Unit at RMIT) who sat with me in the Target Centre on Wednesday afternoon until the ambulance came to take me to St. Vincents Hospital and the other women who stopped to ask if I needed help when I nearly feel over with the vertigo I had been experiencing. My son who drove me home during the extreme storm and  listened to me and today, Enza (a Melbourne artist who works in the Camberwell Op Shop) was totally supportive of my emotions and the women in Mountford's Shoe shop who gave me an umbrella during the sudden downpour this afternoon so I could walk to my doctors appointment. Thank you, thank will probably never see or read this, but I just wanted to put it out there. To all those souls who stop, offer help and reassurance to others, to those paying it forward ~ I hope you get an abundance of love and good luck for all you have given  me over the past few days.


  1. Hey that's appropriate to say, and I'm glad you are feeling a bit better :)

  2. Doctor prescribed Stemetil® yesterday - don't know why it was prescribed earlier in the month when I started having all these symptoms! Anyway, it did help a little - but I've been advised not to take tablet unless I am really wobbly. Am on two other medications now ~ Aspirin and Propanolol (because doctor at St Vincents was concerned that I may have had an ischemic stroke). Having CT scan (if I don't chicken out) next Thursday at St Vincents. I still think it's all just vertigo - because ENT surgeon I saw on the 11th said that I suffered from 'vertiginous migraines'. Blah! Hate medical procedures - hate the symptoms & hate that I am being forced to rest. Oh Well!