Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning thoughts

After  initial nerves, I settled down and was absolutely delighted with the response from those who attended the opening of my installation last night.  Of course I was  a little disappointed not to see friends who were unable to be there, but those that were appeared to be enjoying themselves. I must say it was fantastic to see  Profs. Barbara Creed and Jeanette Hoorn who took time out of their busy teaching and research  schedule to spend time talking to me about the photographs, which they loved.
A last minute decision on my part was to display the DVD's onto two free-standing large video monitors just outside the gallery space as well as projecting the photographs and text onto the gallery walls. This was accomplished by Rosanna and James just before the opening.
After the event I had a meal with friends, which made the whole evening appear more festive since we were dining in the lively Lygon Street precinct.  It took me ages to fall asleep last night, but I eventually gave in to slumber sometime after midnight.  It's a cold Autumn Day, but I'm content in the knowledge that this particular project is complete and I can get on with the next.

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