Saturday, March 5, 2011


I was woken suddenly during the night by extremely loud crackling noises and spurts of bright swirling light that appeared to be heading straight for my bedroom window. Obviously some idiot had decided to let off fireworks in the park opposite. I jumped out of bed quickly and since my heart was thumping, it took me ages to get back to sleep. I really don't understand why people do such inconsiderate things. Undisturbed sleep is so essential for our well being.
OK, so although I distanced myself from Facebook last year - closing my account and resisting the urge to check whether information about me was still there, yesterday  I joined Twitter and now I'm following Julia Gillard, ABC television, Only Melbourne etc. Yes, they're all on Twitter and you don't have to go through  that task of asking people to be your friend and collecting people who really aren't your friends so you don't look absolutely pathetic. You just have to click on follow and you can read little bites of information and although I can't really see the point in making a 'twit' of myself, it might be interesting to see the way others do it by using only 140 characters. To twitter according to the free online dictionary, is to utter a succession of light chirping or tremulous sounds; chirrup, or to speak rapidly and in a tremulous manner -  too fast for me, I like to think a little before I write and not nearly enough space for someone like  me trained as an academic, so I think this blog will always be my primary way of disseminating information to anyone interested.
But returning to the wee hours of the morning and that horrible succession of tremulous sounds that woke me, that's the kind of twitter I can do without!

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