Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fighter jets over Melbourne 02.03.2011

Well, apparently the deafening sound this morning that frightened the life out of me was two fighter jets (either Hercules or FA18) flying at low altitude over Melbourne. One of the members on the Australian Frequent Flyer website said: It scared the hell out of me...It just sounded like a jet was about to crash into my house. My sentiments exactly, with all the news reports of earthquakes and impending war in the middle east on the television of late, my brain certainly sent out danger signals. I've checked out twitter since I've come home from doing my weekly shopping and there's a couple of entries about a large plane being escorted out of Australian airspace by two fighter jets this morning. Can't find anything on news pages and am totally mystified by this occurrence. So, if anyone knows anything please place a comment under this post.


  1. A promo for the Avalon Airshow

  2. Thanks Steve, I also saw that on the news last night. And the aircraft looked rather quiet and benign flying in the sky, but from where I was on the ground it was a horrendous sound. :)