Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boys and their toys

What was that that sped across the sky and created such an incredibly loud sound at 10.16 am?  Just then. My god, I don't think I've heard anything that loud. My ears are still ringing!!!
OK, settling down again now, yesterday read most of Romeo and Juliet. It's certainly not as refined as Othello, but it was one of Shakespeare's early works. This morning doing last minute email messages about my opening and trying to stay positive. Not really enjoying the sudden cold weather, but, as most of us say it's better than being too hot. 
Watched Generation Kill again last night (actually I've only missed one episode) and there was two scenes in this episode called  Bombs in the Garden in which soldiers were shown urinating. The first wrote USA in the sand with his pee and the other peed on furniture in an office they'd infiltrated. I suppose the first may be considered a patriotic pee and the other a disrespectful and literal presentation of the term 'pissing on the enemy'. I think that was the final episode in Series One, but I look forward to seeing later episodes given that in no way does it glorify war.

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