Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Public Heath System gets personal

On Saturday morning my daughter badly cut her hand. She presented at the Emergency department of Frankston Hospital. She was told they could not stitch the very deep wound because there was extensive nerve damage, she had no feeling in her forefinger at all. She was seen by a plastic surgeon who explained the operation required a larger incision to check the extent of the damage and repair her hand . The wound was dressed and a plaster caste put on her arm to minimise tendon damage. THEN SHE WAS SENT HOME. She waited for two days before getting the surgery. She had a general anaesthetic and was sent home on the same day. Today I am with her at home helping out, so not much time to blog further. She has to wait a month before she knows if she will regain feeling in her finger, as nerves grow very slowly.


  1. Oh that really sucks Lauren, and waiting must be awful, but if the outcome is the best possible it will be worth waiting for.

  2. Oh, I'm really sorry to hear about Sheridan's injury and her unpleasant experience with Frankston Hospital! I do hope that she's OK, but I figure with you at her side she'll be feeling a lot better. Please send her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Thanks Julie and Steve, see you tomorrow!
    I hope Sheridan will be up to it also.

  4. I hope so too - I was beginning to think that we would never meet Sheridan. See you all then.