Thursday, February 24, 2011

New exhibition

I've been invited to do another exhibition of my digital photographs in the Melbourne University precinct in April/May this year, so this morning wrote a quick concept overview and emailed lots of images to the organizer before going off for my appointment with the podiatrist.
Basically, in this next exhibition I want to engage with the fact that advanced bio-technologies underscore fragmented bodily parts and posit the human body as an object that can be manipulated, modified, perfected, manufactured and marketed to better suit our health and aesthetic requirements. However in the process of undertaking this, these technologies often produce the monstrous - post human.
With this in mind I intend to take really close up images of my own body in order to represent the partial, incomplete, fragmented, assembled and re-assembled  image of this post human body, simultaneously recognizable and familiar and yet strange and uncanny; a conglomeration of self and non-self. 
I started taking more close ups shots of various parts of my body including my face and discovered much to my horror all the blemishes, the small (usually unseen) hairs growing on my skin around my mouth and of course the deep-ridged wrinkles that cascade down from its corners and near my eyelids, which have yellow and white, fatty deposits. On looking closer I'm sure I've detected some kind of parasite in amongst one of my eyelashes. Viewing my skin and its folds makes me feel frail and in a sense that's part of the rationale behind the whole notion of the post human subject who desires betterment, enhancement and perfection.

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