Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharia law - not in Australia

How could we not be concerned for our Muslim sisters in Australia who not only have to suffer denigrating looks and vitriolic comments by xenophobes who can't abide their clothing and religious persuasion, but who now have anxiety about the fact that many men within the Muslim community are campaigning for aspects of Sharia law to be introduced into Australia.
Sharia شريعة‎ šarīʿah, IPA: [ʃaˈriːʕa], "way" or "path") is the sacred law of Islam and in Sharia law the life of a non-Muslim is worth less than that of a Muslim, women are circumcised not by removing the prepuce (Ar. Bazr) of the clitoris, but circumcision by extraction (this is called HufaaD), which greatly diminishes their sexual desire and ability to achieve pleasure. Women may be stoned to death for committing adultery and they are married off at a young age (sometimes as young as thirteen years old), often to men over the age of 50. Honor killings - murders that are carried out in retaliation for bringing dishonor on ones family has meant that thousands of women are killed annually throughout the world.
As far as I can determine Sharia law is against the human rights of women, it is anti-democratic and is weighted towards the interests of men who wish to control the personal and sexual freedoms of Muslim women and their inheritance.
Even though we have an egalitarian society in Australia in which we acknowledge, accept and even embrace the validity of other religions, we must also recognize that Sharia law derived from the Qur'an written 1400 years ago is archaic and does not acknowledge the place of Islamic women in our society today. 
I for one am against Sharia law being introduced in to Australia.  I perceive it as Islam extremism at its worst and I don't care if people perceive what I'm saying as anti-Muslim, for It's not! But I am against any form of fundamentalism that oppresses people and Sharia law would do this, primarily because it's  a law that may be interpreted in a number of ways and that generally means that women come off second-best!


  1. Yes, I agree with you on that, its the "thin edge of the wedge", for sure, it is the hope of some to fully implement Sharia law, and abolish democracy, and personal freedom. Which their "fundemental" leaders absolutely HATE,(yes hate, that is the word THEY use, and the emphasis is theirs also,see "60 minutes") These ones are committed world wide to overthrow democracy, and replace it with Sharia law! As some Islamic leaders openly proclaim, boasting, "Islam cant be stopped"...However,WE DONT HAVE TO ACCEPT IT AT ALL, but we must say say NO,NOW,LOUD AND CLEAR, our current elected leaders are not doing that, but are yielding ground, unwisely, The discussion needs to be kept open...What if we continue to "yield" and do nothing to DEFEND our laws and country? We have the world wide results plainly to see, and in thier own lands? womens hands and feet cut off... for stealing?...certainly, but also for wearing NAIL POLISH!(SBS documentary)...and terrified women stoned to death in public for adultery,(SBS again,)young,well dressed, on the ground sobbing,awaiting STONING,just like one of us, haunting.... Sharia Law...they want US to accept the "GOOD BITS?"...with a view to accepting more later for sure, just look at England, 100 Sharia law courts operating! If not clearly rejected here, they will do the same. Sharia Law is TOTALLY INTOLERANT, and against EVERY CULTURE,MULTI CULTURE,WESTERN FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, teaching we are ALL UNCLEAN to them, to HATE US,and our various societies,rejecting everything we value, believe, and have fought wars for. Sharia Law, being fundementally and clearly opposed to all, should not be Mixed with our laws,nor instituted in our land.Of course there are many individuals, Leaders also who say "this will never happen here",Can the "moderate view" be trusted? Well, there is one more thing worth saying,( with a little research you will find this for yourself) in thier "law" Islam states, and its leaders teach, that "Lies and deception are acceptable, AS LONG AS IT ADVANCES ISLAM!" This was stated in a university in Melbourne a few years ago! Paid for by the Australian Government! So we can NEVER BE SURE, that LEADERS or individuals who OBEY this TEACHING, and represent Islam, arent LYING TO US, making false statements, deliberately, without gilt! These ones know their purpose. Also its openly taught in some Mosques to take advantage of our "friendliness" SOME are here with a clear plan to take over our country! They think we are fools for letting them! Will we continue to allow them? Ask them, they either deny these intentions, or just smirk and declair once again, "we will gain power through Democracy and have an Islamic State by consent, or bloody conqest." And yes, what then for "our Muslim sisters" who have fled to our FREE LAND,seeking REFUGE from RADICAL ISLAM? Hmmmmm, Remember the Trogan Horse .

  2. I'd firstly like to state that I am not muslim, though i do not agree with some of the statements being issued. I think the wording you issued is wise... " I percieve" - as I can understand many people are under the same assumptions, however ignorance is not an excuse. Shariah Law is not in fact a formalised guideline it is the equivilant of the christian 'conscience' derived from various sources including consensus and the Qua'ran. It is not static and is constantly open to interpretation which in turn, sadly does leave room for extremists (nearly the same percentage of extremism applies to christianity) to misinterpret what is fundamentally a peaceful religeon (if there is such a thing- as peaceful as christianity and judaism anyhow - from which alot of islam initially stemmed from).

    It is vitally important in today's day and age that we do not generalise. The circumcision of women is still prevelant in some african countries- however is no where refered to in any text and in regards to the majority of muslims only a tiny percentage of muslims take part in such heinous actions- yet all are vilified.

    In no way am I saying that islamic texts are not without fault as like most religeons it was written in a time vastly different from our own- however they do not contain more vicious faults that any other sacred text though...

    "The equivalent would be saying that Jews stone disobedient sons to death (Deut. 21:18- 21) or that Christians slay all non-Christians (Luke 19:27). In a more secular context it is similar to arguing that the use of printed money in America is unconstitutional— ignoring the interpretative process of the Supreme Court.

    In reality, Sharia is personal religious law and moral guidance for the vast majority of Muslims. Muslim scholars historically agree on certain core values of Sharia, which are theological and ethical and not political. Moreover, these core values are in harmony with the core values at the heart of America."

    i have quoted from the following link and i strongly urge you to take a look at it- even if it is purely so you can immediately dismiss it. It is important to look at all angles before making statements on such important issues.

  3. Thank you - I read the article, which explains that Sharia Law is not static, is interpreted in numerous ways and is overwhelming concerned with the personal rather than political, however, since my initial post was a concern about female circumcision and the power of the male to insist that this be carried out on his daughters or wife under Shaira Law (to reduce female pleasure and render their sexuality more controllable and because 'uncut girls with the ability to enjoy love-making are considered more likely to be promiscuous, unhygienic, and prone to diseases such as Aids'), rather than all aspects of Sharia Law, I draw the readers attention to the fact that not only is Shaira law already a reality in Australia but that female circumcision is also being carried out in Britain. My initial post was not intended to challenge the cultural beliefs of those who adhere to the teachings of Islam per se, but was a call to all women regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs to support Islamic women who are the focus of denigration not only by those who fear Islam but by those who practice acts that reduce these women to mere object for male pleasure, discounting the fact that the women themselves have a right to pleasure, sexual or otherwise.