Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday afternoon...

In the absence of my fellow bloggers making any posts, here's another one from me. I'm enjoying the Melbourne rain and listening to Kylie Minogue's Impossible Princess (1998) CD I picked up from local Salvos shop in Camberwell. I'm overwhelmed by the images of the floods in Queensland, the devastation there certainly puts the storm and flood that we had in Melbourne last March in perspective! On a lighter note, I'm making curly pasta with a broad beans, onion, garlic, parsley & oil sauce, with shaved Parmesan for dinner tonight. Haven't made it before, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the taste. I've cooked the beans and removed the bitter outer pod and have been left with just the gorgeous, soft, green interiors to place gently in the sauce. God, I remind myself of Nigella, but of course her descriptions of food are so sensual. And, speaking of food my Capsicum's are about 5 cm long and should be fully grown and ready to harvest in a couple of weeks. I'm not ignoring the serious stuff. I've read the latest from Daniel Flitton, diplomatic editor of The Age newspaper in response to mainstream media comments about the recent shootings in Tuscon, Arizona, is that 'Palin did not pull trigger'.
It's fascinating to watch this whole episode unfold ~ the blame game, the politics ~ the hunt. Wasn't only a week or so ago that everyone was talking about Julian Assang?

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