Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This morning...

9.00 am ~ I can't log in to my email and I think someone else has been using my account. Now I'm going to have to spend ages just contacting Melbourne Uni IT and getting all of this sorted. I am constantly reminded when these things happen, why I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I'm going to throw myself into some domestic chores now, that should sort out my annoyance, at least until I have to phone Uni. 10am update: dishes washed, bed made, phone call contact with Melbourne Uni IT successful - email working again. Thank goodness! 10.34 am ~ I've been looking around the Internet about some follow up information about Jared Loughner, the immigration issue in Arizona and Immigration policies in USA and Mexico. Apparently, Arizona is referred to as ground zero of illegal immigration. 10.45 am I was sidetracked and found myself attempting to discover whether the film Monsters was actually about illegal immigration in Mexico and I found that Mexico has tougher laws than the USA and that they ban foreigners who are 'not mentally healthy'. Indeed, the Mexican constitution guarantees federal protection against 'undesirable aliens resident in the country'. Then at 11 am I found an amazing letter written to the Governor of Arizona about the contribution made by 'aliens' to any number of communities. It's well worth a read if you are interested in indigenous peoples, the treatment of aliens, racism, government policy, misinterpretation of information and the possible political background to the recent shootings in Tuscon.
But the next article entitled: White Power, White Terrorism, White Mainstream
is fascinating to read, whilst we all attempt to understand why Loughner was driven to such action. 11.10am and it's time for me to do something else today.

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