Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lady Gaga in meat dress. Image sourced from:
I'm totally gaga over the way that Lady Gaga has been criticised for wearing a dress made of meat to the recent MTV Video Music Awards. What a load of hypocrisy by the majority of people who are willing to ingest the meat of a slaughtered animal, sometimes on a daily basis and allow it to decompose in their stomach and colon, but find it shocking that a performance artist would consider wearing animal flesh on the exterior of her body. I'm not sure of Gaga's intentions; perhaps she wanted her audience to consider her more than just flesh, but, like many performance artists before her who have also used meat products in their performance oeuvre, she alerts us to the delicate balance between life and death, commodification of human and animal products, the unequal alliances between them, and the manner in which humans exploit the not human. Likewise, this morning I'm highly disturbed by the fact that the media are disseminating information provided by WikiLeakes and profiting from such and I just bet that Julia Gillard PM, can't wipe the smile off her face this morning since WikiLeak documents revealed that Kevin Rudd was regarded by US diplomats as a 'control freak', and yet Julian Assange is getting precious little support from the Australian government who should protect him from any harm and ensure that legal proceedings against him be fair and just. Must Assange be offered up as sacrificial lamb so that freedom of speech and information may continue to flourish on the Internet? (After re-reading my post this morning 11.12.2010, I realise that it may sound as if I am supporting all information on the Internet. This is a difficult issue to discuss, since much of the information we encounter is partial, fragmented, incomplete, inaccurate, undesirable, inflammatory, biased, stereotypical, racist, etc. Information, thus provided requires stringent research in order to arrive at a factual balanced viewpoint, and this is what I support.)

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