Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Knowledge sharing

It's certainly good to see excerpts from one my blog posts distributed into the wider community. Kevin Rennie, writer with Global Voices On line, quoted from my blog article in which I was concerned about the way the media had handled an issue about Muslim dress code and swimming. In fact, rather than perceiving my reaction as merely supporting the 'other' or 'victim', he acknowledged my commonsense viewpoint.
Also, my interest in difference and 'outsider' status has been acknowledged in Badreddine Setlia's Master's dissertation ~A Degree In Humanity: Artificial Humanity and its Effect on Our Self-Image in Blade Runner and Edward Scissorhands, Groningen, in which she quotes several times from my own article on Edward Scissorhands in Australian Screen Education.
I've added her name to the list of authors who quote from my work.

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