Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More minutiae

Apparently I needed to insert the head phone jack into the back of the computer NOT the front in order to hear the sounds I'd recorded. Anyway, all is fine now. It's raining in Melbourne, which has cooled the temperature down considerably and the garden is looking deliciously green. I must have an eye for collectables, because I purchased a hard back copy with slight tears on dust jacket of Graham Green's novel, A Burnt Out Case, William Heinemann Ltd., London, 1961. First English Edition. Windmill Press, Surrey, from the op shop for $2.00 this morning. I've just found it listed under British rare books for the tidy sum of $50 (GBP), which is $79 (AUD). I realise that I really enjoy these finds and the fact that they are collectable makes it all the more rewarding. For those miserable beings who loathe the minutiae of my life, my suggestion is that you go do something else, but for me, living in the now is about being able to appreciate the little things!

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