Friday, November 26, 2010

Victoria Votes

ABC FM folk outside Cinema Nova 26/10/2010. Photo: Julie Clarke
I had an absolute ball with Karen and Mark at JW's this afternoon. Not even the sudden downpour could dampen our spirits. We simply moved from Lygon Street into Courtyard where we sheltered from the rain underneath huge umbrellas. In no time the sun was shinning again. A bit of déjà vu really because it also rained when we were there on my birthday in April. Only difference was this time Moira was absent. Later, Karen and I indulged in a cake and coffee at Brunetti's. Earlier in the day I was in Lygon Court just outside the Cinema Nova listening to the guys from ABC FM 774 radio, who were broadcasting a live discussion with audience members and each other about tomorrow's election. The only person I recognised was Russell Howcroft, Chairman and Managing Director of George Patterson's Y&R who is one of the regulars on the ABC television program The Gruen Transfer. Well, I think it was him! It's always interesting to see TV personalities in the flesh. On looking at this photo I realise it's advertising not only the ABC, Cinema Nova and Borders bookshop, but Ripcurl also got a look in. I wonder what media moguls would make of this? At the moment I'm at home waiting for the baby Magpies to turn up as they generally do at around 7.30pm. And contrary to public opinion, I'm sure that the bread with seeds & grains I feed them is really nutritious and eating a little bread doesn't stop them from also devouring worms and insects they find in the garden. Time to go I think they've arrived.

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