Friday, November 26, 2010

carpe diem

I read 100 pages of the Larsson novel yesterday. It's a real 'page turner'. I noted with interest that, one of the characters, Gullberg, a former security policeman was watching two Muslim women and, he '...had nothing against women in veils. It was nothing to him if people wanted to dress up in costume. But he was bothered by the fact that they had to dress like that in the middle of Stockholm. In his opinion, Somalia was a much better place for that sort of attire' (p.85). I wonder if this was Larsson's personal position or whether he was reflecting local politics?
Been chatting over email to Clinton Hayden an exhibiting photographer that lives in the apartment block I used to live in. He reminded me this morning of how intolerable it is there on hot days ~ no window shutters and relentless afternoon sun. I'm so grateful that I now live somewhere cooler. Lovers of fine art or beautiful images should check out Clinton's recent photographic book, made for Arts and Sciences Project, News Stand, New York:
I must say I'm looking forward to a glass of wine at Jimmy Watson's with Mark McDean and Karen Casey this afternoon, should be fun sitting in the courtyard. I remind myself, whilst having this thought, of all the things I'm grateful for, and there are many ~ nihil pro certo habendum est! Latin phrases aside, I'm not looking forward to standing in a long queue to vote tomorrow. I remind myself that I have to get up early to beat the crowds, but I also remind myself that most other people will have the same strategy. Ted Baillieu, Liberal Party holds the very safe seat of Hawthorn ~ Mmmmmmmm ~ think I'll be voting Labor.

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