Friday, October 15, 2010


OK, so, for the past three hours, totally inspired by the rain, I've been adding bits and pieces to my novel, called The Flood. Mostly though, I've just been reading it to see if there are any gaps. I visited a site this morning by Anne Enright, an Irish author who wrote The Gathering - a truly inspiring book that I read last year and she said in her 'ten rules for writing fiction' that you have to ask yourself, 'if you had a terminal illness would you finish this book - why not'? I suppose that we would decide that spending time indoors would be a strange way to live out our final weeks, but since that is not the case for me, I am content on this cold and raining day to spend time with it. The weather bureau has already warned of a return to Winter weather tomorrow, already preceded today with precipitation. After being indoors for so long I'm already a little house bound and want to go for a long walk, but that may not be a good idea, since it looks so bleak.

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