Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seven deadly sins

I've spent much of the past 48 hours shifting through information from real estate agents about available rental properties close to Melbourne. I've had virtually no head space for anything else. I've now found a few possiblities. Amidst all of my insecurity yesterday, I found a kindred spirit to talk to.
I began to think about the way that certain people are almost always kept separate from participating in mainstream society ~ those who have little money or other resources, those addicted to drugs, people who are disabled, some older adults, refugees from other countries, people who do not for whatever reason fit into the lifestyle of the wider community. Many of these people have no choice but to live in public housing, and don't think for a moment that these places are not ghettos. The fact that these people are grouped together by virtue of their status, identifies them as outsiders ~ less than worthy of our consideration. After all, isn't it their fault they are in this situation? I think NOT!
As a nation we might consider inclusivity, that is, bringing these people into the fold, valuing them for their intrinsic qualities, respecting them for their continuing struggle, supporting them even though many of them may not be contributing to our society in ways that we might like them to. Those that are vulnerable are always the hardest hit during times of economic hardship.
I'm trying to understand why the well to do are hell-bent on becoming wealthier at the expense of people living in a dire financial situation. Obviously their own desire for security and to be insular over-rides any concern for others. Do they realise that many of the properties they own have been paid off by those who rent them! Should they not be indebted to these people?
What happened to Australia ~ we have become a nation of greedy people who suffer from at least three more of the seven deadly sins ~ lust, envy and gluttony! I think the problem occurred many generations ago in the whole concept of land ownership! If each person or family was given land on a one hundred year lease to build on or develop as they wish, to be passed on generation to generation, then there would be no way of exploiting others through its sale. Those with land and those without is the category that now divides us. Those without land continue to fall victim to greedy owners who want more and more money for their rental properties! Sleep well you greedy bastards ~ your head is cushioned on a bulging bank balance.

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