Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday thoughts

My grand-mother and grand-father lost their home during the Great Depression (1929-32) and were there-after only able to live in rented accommodation with their three children. It made life very hard and put our family on the back foot. Opportunistic wealthy people took advantage of the poverty of the working class during the depression. They purchased the exceptionally cheap homes and land of those who could no longer afford to pay their mortgage repayments and also took over businesses from those who could no longer afford them. Their wealth rode on the backs of those who were forced through no fault of their own to live in poverty. Wealthy people need to understand that much of their wealth and status has been at the expense of others! I'm thinking all of this amidst the continuing debate prior to the general election on 21 August, in regards to how many people we should allow to have permanent residence in Australia. Whatever the outcome, I hope that the Australian government will make sure that every Australian will have somewhere decent to live, after all, isn't it just a basic human right to have food and shelter?

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