Monday, August 30, 2010


I got up at 5am this morning, one and a half hours before the birds started calling to each other and looking for food. It's very quiet and the sky is covered with deep, dark grey clouds. I feel so fortunate to be living in such a lovely place in such a beautiful location. I head off back to Melbourne University today to do a little tutoring and whilst I'm there it will feel like nothing has changed and yet it has. I believe that place does affect a person and I'm sure that living in Hawthorn will have its impact. I look forward to the changes and opportunities. Whilst I was packing I never did find that one single object that exemplified living in North Melbourne ~ perhaps after all, place is not experienced as anything solid that can be held in the hand. Maybe it's an idea continually in flux. What is carried forward is the unseen inscription on the psyche. Already I like the anonymity gained from changing location, the absolute sense of being both alien to a place and fully incorporated into it to the point that I can blend in and stand out to myself ~ whatever that actually means. It's light now ~ the pink and red Camellia's are visible outside my lounge-room window ~ birds are hopping on the grass, the faint sound of traffic so far away.


  1. I enjoyed the introduction to your new home. I am moving soon and hope I have can have the same positive approach. I am still packing boxes. Your writing made me think.It has made me aware that objects reference people and places by being able to give a sense of connection to the feeling the person or place originally meant in life. I have a certificate presented by my primary school mothers club dated 1966, it declares Lauren is a tree lover. Yes I am and glad I have the framed (hand made by my Dad ) evidence. It will travel to the new place, it gives me a sense of my family and the past

  2. Thanks Lauren,
    I sympathise with the fact that you are moving. I wouldn't wish a move on anyone, it's horrendous! Glad that you have an object that is significant ~ I must say that I also love trees, but the flowers here are just so lovely. I'll enjoy them tomorrow, because today I was the other end of town and didn't get home until around 4pm. Good luck with your move ~ I'll think of you. x