Monday, August 30, 2010

Food for Thought ~ 30 August ~ Melbourne Day

Walking through the Royal Arcade this morning I was presented with a slice of vanilla and chocolate swirl mud cake by Teigen Marriott (Westpac) and two other lovely women, to help celebrate the 175 Anniversary of the landing of the Enterprize and the first European settlers in Melbourne in 1835. The cake was delicious and such a great idea to give something sweet and symbolic to Melbourne shoppers. Later at Melbourne University a rather large and gorgeous native possum climbed down from one of the trees outside the Indigenous Education Unit and walked right up to me. It didn't appear to be upset that students were eating their lunch and walking quite near it. I thought it most unusual to see a possum during the day, since I've only seen them at night. One of the students suggested it was blind or ill. Since it appeared to be looking right at me when I took its photograph I thought it had accustomed itself to the noise and the fact that people had taken over its place of residence.

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