Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new abode...

This is the view I have from my balcony. I'm incredibly fortunate to be now living in a gorgeous Villa in Hawthorn East. Large Camellia Japonica's grace the front and backyards, but there are also other flowers and lots of lovely green grass as well as a young Magpie that looks for food around 4pm every day. I'm still suffering from exhaustion, it's been a very long three weeks, but now, all is in order ~ I've even alphabetised my theory books! Went down to the Camberwell Market today, had a coffee and listened to some musicians. Even had some social chit chat with two men who collect Nazi regalia ~ wow! and one of them was into films so I had a very nice half hour or so. I'll keep this brief because I'm still settling in ~ more blog tomorrow.


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