Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm living in total disarray ~ well, that's not entirely true. I'm living with boxes all around me ~ empty walls and windows bereft of curtains. There is an echo in my apartment that makes it feel different, almost empty and yet it isn't. There's so much left to do before I move next Saturday. Thankfully Leonie said she would do an op shop drop for me, which will enable me to pass on clothes I no longer wear (and I must admit, some that don't fit me any more!). I'm really looking forward to having some order in my life, which will coincide with the first day of Spring. I already know there are flowers on the trees that surround the little Villa where I'll be living. How glorious! Well, I'd better keep this short, things to do and places to be ~ of primary concern is hunting for sturdy boxes for my books. Mark, if you're reading this - place is interesting, but the transitional space between one location and another is more so ~ the whole feeling of being neither here nor there ~ a sudden sense of the nomadic ~ the mind shifts so easily, projects forwards and backwards. We should do something with that! I've already thought in terms of our project, that I should find the one object that somehow reflects this time and place for me ~ I haven't found it yet, but suspect it will find me.

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