Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Albert Lee: Basement Records, Melbourne

Albert Lee (UK:USA) at Basement Records, Melbourne. Photo: Julie Clarke, 2010

I took a brief sojourn at Basement Records this afternoon, away from the horrors of packing my belongings and stepping over boxes to listen to rock guitarist, Albert Lee singing and playing guitar with his band members also visiting Australian from the US of A. Rock is not exactly my thang, but I did stay for four songs, and I liked being in a place, that, although crowded was not as cluttered as my apartment. I was certainly not out of place, there were many people in the audience including myself that had white hair and I noticed that Albert did too. Actually, come to think of it, many of those in the audience were of my generation. But where we differed, was, I'd come to listen to transport myself away from the everyday, whereas they all appeared to be die hard fans. The applause at the end of each song attested to that. I'm sure people like Brecon Walsh and Roger Taylor would know of Lee, but I hadn't actually heard of him before. I have to say that I am mentally and physically tired because of this move and that the last three weeks rate high on my list of the worst times in my life. I have to continually remind myself that it will all be over soon and that my sense of well being will return. Until then, I'm dosing myself up on some kind of pill every day ~ it's either pain-killers and anti-inflammatories or anti-anxiety medication. And for someone who absolutely hates taking tablets, that just shows how much all of this has impacted upon me. I really want to end on a positive note, so, what can I say? I am truly blessed for my life and my friends and family who assist me through difficult times.

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