Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Cardinal cross that has formed in the heavens earlier this year and apparently particularly potent in July and August has certainly had an impact on my life. Much chaos! This morning my computer went absolutely haywire and thankfully Erin came over, defragmented and trashed files and generally fixed it. So, my computer is working again. And talking about working, I've done nothing but clean and sort and carry things out to the bin. I'm so exhausted and mentally tired just thinking about this upcoming move. My major task for next week will be to box all my books, defrost my fridge, wash curtains and generally adjust my mind to living somewhere else. I was disappointed by the election result - is there one yet? Last I'd heard no party had enough seats to claim victory. Whatever happens, I'm sure the astrologers will put it down to the strange alignment of planets. It's a beautiful sunny day, but I've had little chance to enjoy it. Tomorrow will be better ~ every day a little easier. Oh, yeah, just remembered ~ my story about election day. Standing in the queue for 40 minutes was made a little more enjoyable by a number of comments, such as one by a young man, who watching a woman finally tape a sign that kept falling down, said: Now, that's real action! You really did have to have a sense of humor standing in the cold - it's a cardinal sin I think, to make people wait that long.

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