Saturday, August 21, 2010


Did I miss something? In the past five weeks of campaigning by Labor, Liberals and the Greens I'm sure I didn't hear one thing said about greater assistance for sole parents, those who are unemployed, on pensions or with disabilities. Sure, lots of rhetoric around carbon emissions, and on this subject those living on low incomes leave a very small carbon footprint. It seems to me that this campaign has been a competitive one between what Julia Gillard is going to give to the people and what Tony Abbott will give (well, give with one hand and take back with the other). Meanwhile, the Greens are intent on keeping honest which ever party is elected. What's fascinating about all this campaigning is how close each contender is in terms of what they are offering the people of Australia. Does that mean that they are simply responding to the most vocal members of our community and telling them what they want to hear? My summary is that it all boils down to economics ~ which party is the most competent to spend that 1.3 trillion dollar economy, and where, and for whom it is going to be spent. I for one agree with Julia Gillard that we need an excellent broad-band system, even though it will probably only be the well-off who can afford to connect to it and that money spent on education is vital for the future of our children. If anyone is going to be taxed then it should be those who are in a position to be and mining companies certainly fall into that category. I also totally agree that you cannot impose a carbon tax without first consulting with the people, since it is the everyday person that will have to bear the burden of higher prices for a cleaner world. Like most elections this one is about the almighty dollar and people will probably vote based on what's in it for them. Of course, for others it will simply be an opportunity to ratify Julia Gillard as Prime Minister ~ I for one would like her reinstated, for she is a great female role model, strong, intelligent and articulate. Well, the poling booths open very shortly, so I'm off to vote at St. Michael's Primary School near Flemington Road ~ a short walk, I'll need my umbrella because it's already raining. And just one other comment ~ I'm absolutely NOT looking forward to the post-mortem of the election, which will over-ride everything in the media over the next few days!

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