Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Thoughts on news and the holiday season

I don't know about you but I'm thoroughly tired of hearing about the Islamic terrorist attack in Berlin and the many deaths and injuries. The shooting death of the Russian ambassaror in a Turkey art gallery, grevious bodily harm and subsequent death of a two year old child, domestic violence, a fly-by shooting at the office of the CFMEU; the stabbing (in the hand) of the tennis player Petra Kvitova, the terrible accident in which concrete slabs fell and killed a stone mason, the desperation of the Syrian people, the impending cyclone off the coast of Western Australia and the deaths from an explosion in a fireworks factory in Mexico. No wonder some people have given up watching the news and choose instead to watch trashy television. The lead up to Christmas then, is a time to escape into fantasy, a time when we allow ourselves to believe that things can be different; that Christmas, rather than a celebration on one day of the year is a period of cushioning ourselves from the terrors in world by surrounding ourselves with family and friends.
I'm desperate for some good news stories, at least enough to balance out the horrendous local and international stories being reported. I'm desirous of hearing about kindness, warmth, sharing and achievement; people loving each other rather than the absolute hatred and disregard that some people direct toward others. I wish that the tinsel and bright lights of this holiday season, the decorative trees and houses, the red Santa hats, the food, the presents and merriment leading up to the 25 December made a difference. To me the onslaught of negative news takes the edge of the notion of 'peace and goodwill to all men' (and women). For me, Christmas is shrouded in a delirium that I cannot shake. But, I vow to keep trying
To all my readers and to those who share my posts I wish you inner peace and love for the holiday season and all the very best for 2017.

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