Friday, December 16, 2016

Port Melbourne Beach 16 December 2016

I'd hardly arrived in Melbourne this morning before seeing one homeless person asleep on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral and another sleeping at the side of it.
I decided, rather than walk through the city I 'd go to Port Melbourne beach, which was filled with exicited people ready to board a Cruise Liner for a Noumea and Island adventure. I asked if I could go on board, but was told by a security guard that no visitors were allowed on the ship because, and I quote 'I might be a terrorist'. This certainly wasn't the case when I was a child because I distinctly remember accompanying my grandmother on a ship to see some relatives off on a grand voyage. The staircase was a partiicular fascination for us children and I remember running up and down it. Not being able to go inside I walked along the pier and took a photo of it from the small pier.

In the water to the right of the pier was a man who appeared to be walking on water, or at least hovvering above it.
I took a long walk along the beach and took this photograph of a flock of seagulls aside a small inlet of water. The sea appeared to be higher than the land and even looks so in this photograph which shows the horizon line.
I had my lunch at de'lish fish and then since I had been at the beach for nearly two hours I caught the tram back to the city. I got off at the top of Collins Street and walked through Treasury Gardens. I noticed this bird - is it a duck? It didn't look like all the other ducks in the pond. It looked quite young and didn't flinch even though I was standing barely a meter from it. It appeared mesmerised by the noise of the large crowd of people in the park obviously celebrating some work Christmas party.

Overall, I had a lovely time. The weather was just right. Not too hot, a little overcast and way too may flies annoying me as I walked. (As usual please forgive any spelling or typographical mistakes).

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