Friday, November 4, 2016

Cup Day

I've had a little trouble with my computer, but all appears OK now that it's updated. On Cup Day I went into the NGV and saw all the new contemporary art exhibitions. I actually went in because I thought the David Hockney exhibition had begun but that's not until 11 November. Anyway my favourite painting was by a Japanese artist, unfortunately I can remember his name. There's an interesting mix here between graphic shapes and color and the organic. Science and nature?
The Bulgari jewellery exhibition was exquisite and the mirror display with large photographs of famous people wearing his jewellery even more so. Elizabeth Taylor looks stunning.
I didn't feel particularly well, but went up to Federation Square to watch the Melbourne Cup race on the big screen. When I arrived at around 2.30 there was barely anyone there, but by 2.55 just before the cup began there were thousands of people all crammed together to watch the big race. It was thoroughly exciting as those three horses pulled out of the pack on the home stretch and then two horses ran head to head towards the line. The clapping and cheering of the crowd created an amazing atmosphere.
I've been painting, going to the gymnasium and sweeping up leaves. I'm looking forward to catching up with my neice today because I haven't seen her for about 18 years. Will keep you posted on my activities.

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