Monday, October 24, 2016


Whenever I feel low and unmotivated like I did today, brought on I think by the fact that there was so much I wanted to do, but body pain, dizziness and general migraine symptoms was getting in the way; I try to think of things I'm grateful for. I made my otherwise sore back even worse by carrying home all the paintings I had up on the walls of Boheme Cafe. I suppose I could have left them on show a little longer, but there it is. They are all down now and carefully packed away back home. I received many complements about the paintings and Connor (an acquaintenance) pointed out that he loved the deep contrast between the dark, moody skies and the bright elements. I thanked Gina for allowing me to show the paintings. I'm always grateful to be given the opportunity to show what I've been working on. Hopefully there will be some nice white wall available for me to hang the next body of work when its completed. My son had lunch with me yesterday. I really appreciate having such a wonderful person in my life. As much as I loathe all my bodily symptoms, which are chronic, demanding and at times debilitating, I certainly know I'm alive and remind myself that whatever I'm experiencing it could always be worse. A small thing perhaps, but I'm pleased that plants in my garden, happy with the abundance of Springtime rain are graced with beautiful flowers and each day, several times a day, a pair of Blackbirds and a pair of Doves forage around my potplants and eat the rolled oats I provide for them to eat. After all that rain and cold I'm totally grateful for the sunshine. It warms my bones and my painful arthritis melts away under the soft caress of its rays. I saw the Reverend of the Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross interviewed on One Plus One the other day and what stuck in my mind was when he spoke of seeing the miraculousness of life and in life. I believe I already have that capacity, but it's good to be reminded to open yourself up to the positive aspects inherent in each day and in our interactions with others.

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