Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Everybody needs good Neighbours

Walking past St. Paul's Cathedral in the city after having had my hair cut on Monday I noticed this beautiful London Taxi outside the side entrance. There appeared to be a fair amount of activity and I was advised that they'd just shot a scene from a future episode of the television show Neighbours. Apparently it was set up to look as though someone was getting married in England. I don't watch the show so don't know if this appears likely or not.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
I really don't know what this 'neighbours' connection is supposed to mean in my life; but an uncanny incident occurred today. A young man threw his arm around Collette Mann whilst I was walking past them in Swan Street and his friend took their photo. Collette Mann is an Australian actress who plays the role of Sheila Canning in Neighbours and I looked at her with my camera at the ready and I said 'May I'? She said yes and I took her photo. Afterwhich she got into her car and drove off. She looked  like she was in a hurry and I did think that perhaps she was attempting to escape from people like us who recognised  her.

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