Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's a #ucked world.

Ok, I've written 50,745 words of my novella and have re-read through half of what I printed out  last week and am in the editing process, which will continue ad infinitum, or until I get sick of writing the bloody thing. A rodent, which I could hear crunch-a-lunching on something near my stove last Thursday ran across the kitchen floor behind my gas heater on Sunday night. It was quiet for a few hours and then last night ran from behind the heater to the rear of my television stand and then back again behind the heater. I've not seen or heard from the rodent since then and am hoping it's found its way outside. Nothing much else to report except I'm still troubled by body pain as well as migraine's and have absolutely no desire to draw or paint. It may be something I do when I feel I need a rest from writing. I didn't participate in Moomba celebrations this year but was disgusted when I saw the riot at Federation Square reported on the TV news. I don't know why people have to destroy other people's enjoyment. But as they say 'it's a #ucked world!'

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