Monday, November 23, 2015

Lovey Dovey

I've been working on six small acrylic paintings, which are in various stages of  completion. I'll show them soon. In the meantime, for bird lovers, or those hungry for images, here's a photograph I took of one of my Doves sitting on the nest she made in my courtyard tree last week. She must feel safe because I think I could almost reach up to her spindly construction. Addendum to this post today, Thursday 25 November: two days ago I found an empty Dove egg shell, I suspect given the size of the hole in it that another bird had pierced the shell and eaten the unborn Dove. I still have the egg shell, it's placed inside the nest, which was blown down from the tree in the gale force winds yesterday. Either way that little unborn Dove was never going to survive!
Lovey Dovey. Photo: Julie Clarke (2015)

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