Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homeless suite?

A few mornings ago whilst I was walking to the Richmond Recreation Center I noticed a homeless person asleep behind a shopping trolley.  He had made a make-shift bed, but all the same was unprotected from the elements. I really wish that one of the technical schools or Universities would hold a design competition for an easy to carry structure for homeless people  that contains a fold out mattress, some kind of material (preferably strong enough and waterproof, (maybe reinforced cardboard) that could be connected underneath their mattress, around them and placed against a corner wall, plus a Mylar Thermal blanket, so that that they survive Winter! With all the help that we are intending to give to refugees now and in the future wouldn't it be great if a design competition was helf, the sleep units made and then given away to homeless people who sleep on Melbourne streets? Just saying.

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