Monday, March 2, 2015

Walk #3: Bridge Road, Richmond to Prahran Market, Malvern Road.

On Saturday morning I walked from Bridge Road/Church Street, Richmond to the Prahran Market in Malvern Road (4 km). I walked on the right hand side of Church Street and you can see from the photographs I took below why it is named as it is.

The street is awash with old buildings; most significant is the Great Britain Hotel - Winston Churchill looking most fine and the Bryant and May match factory. Of course, I stopped for a cup of coffee on the way and my walk was a stroll rather than anything that might be considered athletic. (Ha)

The most enjoyable part of the walk for me was walking over the Church Street bridge. The river looked absolutely beautiful, but I must say I was rather impressed by this cascading stairway from the bridge to the waters edge.

 Photo above is my absolute favorite because of the reflection of the bridge in the water and the ambitious graffiti.

I'm afraid that there wasn't much of interest for the next three blocks, which were filled with Designer clothing shops. However, amidst all of those building was a tiny walkway called Lovers Walk.

Prior to arriving at the Prahran I did photograph St. Joseph's Church and this gorgeous pub.

Best 'catch of the day' was when I recognized and photographed Peter Ellis (currently an Associate Professor in Art at RMIT), but was one of my painting tutors when I undertook my BA in Painting/Printing at RMIT 1989-1981 walking into the market with his shopping trolley.

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