Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walk #2 Hawthorn Bridge to Riversdale Road, Hawthorn via Burwood Road.

On Thursday I undertook another big walk, this time from Hawthorn Bridge to Riversdale Road via Burwood Road (as far as 480) - I think it was about 4 km.I began by photographing my mother's first school Hawthorn Central Primary. (If you click on the images you can see more detail)
I also photographed Christ Church adjacent to the school. It has a National Trust status and I can understand why as the foundation stone was laid on 19 November 1853 by Governor Charles LaTrobe.
The photograph below shows the amazing view of the city of Melbourne from Christ Church hill.
I walked through to St. James park and took a photo of the WW2 Korea Shrine and back to Burwood Road.

I walked up Burwood Road and crossed over to Lavage Street, the house my parent's lived in when I was born. That fence looks as if it has been there all my life!
I proceeded up Burwood Road and turned left into Power Street to take a photograph of the first school that I attended - St. Joseph's Primary. It has hoardings surrounding it advertising the fact that it is to be converted into a posh retirement village. Thankfully it looks as though they will be incorporating the school and little catholic church. I was only able to take this photo because a gate was open. I still remember running down that ramp each day.

I backtracked a little to look in the large Salvoes shop on the left hand side and then took some photos of the Immaculate Conception church, which has massive scaffolding around the spire.

After stopping off for lunch I headed up to the first house I lived in with my grandmother at 480 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. Searching for Easter eggs in the hedgerow was an early memory as was sitting on those steps.
Oh, just one more note, I'm calling the following photograph Vampire (as I've recently seen the Iranian film A girl walks home alone at night. Young girl with cape near Swinburne University.
I'm not sure where my next walk will take me. Perhaps to the Botanical Garden or Dights Falls. I will check in with you all then.

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