Sunday, June 29, 2014


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On my way back from South Melbourne beach at around 10.45am yesterday I encountered another spectacle that involved a large number of police, SES personnel, homicide as well as a forensic team who had blocked off an area at the corner of Grant Street and St. Kilda Road. The body of a dead woman was clearly seen from across the road and was partially covered with a white sheet. The presence of two SES tents, obvious activity by all those involved and the flashing lights of the police cars drew much attention from the general public who were (as I was) intrigued by why the woman's body was left so exposed, so readily able to been seen for such a long period of time, as she had been discovered by joggers at approximately 7.30am yesterday morning. I crossed the road and walked around the perimeter of the Police DO NOT CROSS tape that surrounded the area and took a few photographs. I was approached by Channel 9 news team members who wanted to interview me about my reaction. I declined the invitation, it was obvious that after photographing her body and the spectacle that surrounded it that there was little further news for them to report. There is no information at this time about why or how she died, except that there was evidence of injury to her legs. My immediate reaction was sadness that a woman had been found dead and that there was little dignity afforded her. I did get some closer photographs of her but have decided not to place them here, instead I show you the scene from a distance, chilling enough I think.
Update Monday
Police have announced that the naked woman found dead in the Botanical Gardens was murdered, you can see further information at this link. It is so terribly sad and disturbing that a woman can be killed whilst on her way to work!

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