Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nearly Christmas and all wrapped up

The year began in earnest with my exhibition Ephemeral Skin, at the Skin Gallery,  Level 1, 80 Drummond Street, Carlton (February/March 2013). Curated by Aliey Ball. There have been over 600 page views of these images on the blog.
During April and May I did a series of paintings and drawings and was extremely pleased to have sold a few of them.
In July an article that I'd written many years before on Australian Concrete Poetry and Visual Art was published by Mark Roberts in the Rochford Street Review: A Journal of Australian Cultural Reviews, News and Criticism
By the middle of September I was cleaning and packing for a house move and was extremely busy for two weeks. I finally moved to my new place on 2 October and am almost settled.
I was pleased to hear that my article Simulated Talking Machines: Stelarc’s Prosthetic Head, originally published in 2008 in the Critical Digital Studies: A Reader, (eds. Arthur and Marilouise Kroker), Toronto, ON, Canada: University of Toronto Press, Fall was republished in Critical Digital Studies: A Reader, Second Edition in November this year. I expect that my copy will soon be in the post.
Earlier in December the drawing below was accepted for the cover of the December issue of the Rochford Street Review.
In October I heard from Celestino Soddou, architect and professor of Generative Design at Politecnico di Milano university in Italy and curator of the 2013 Generative Art Conference, exhibition (Generative Design, artworks and installation) that six of my digital photographs entitled *Night Sports* was accepted for exhibition and are currently being shown in a group show at La Triennale de Milano, Italy on the 9, 10, 11 and 12 December 2013. I hope to be able to amend this post and include photographs of my work in the exhibition. I am the only Australian artist in this exhibition.
I began taking B & W photographs about mid year and am happy to say that two of them will be included in the Skin Gallery Summer Group Show from 19 December - thanks to the curators Ailey Ball and Kim Anderson. Here's one of the photographs I'm showing - people in the crowd at the protest at Federation Square, Melbourne in August this year.
OK, so, that's a wrap.

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