Sunday, December 29, 2013

Drawing 28 December 2013

I knew that it was going to be too hot for me to be outside doing anything much yesterday since the Bureau of Meteorology had predicted a top of 38C degrees, so I headed down to Eckersleys Art shop in Hawthorn in the morning to purchase some A 3 sized, 185gsm Arches watercolor paper, Prismacolor pencils and masking tape. I came home and did this drawing whilst watching, or rather, listening to the cricket on the television. I took a couple of breaks to sweep up the thousands of leaves and large pieces of bark that had been shaken from the trees by the fierce wind that swept through around 3.45 pm. Australia did magnificently well in the cricket and I finished the drawing not long after 6pm. The drawing was inspired by the thick, liquid filled petals of a succulent that I'd removed from a larger plant whilst I was walking down Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn on my way to Eckersleys. I found the Prismacolor pencils, which I'd never used before, quite buttery and since I only bought ten different colors yesterday, I'm inspired to purchase more for their brightness and ease of use. I should say that I also used some Derwent color pencils in the execution of this drawing and that the digital photographic reproduction is brighter than the actual artwork.

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