Monday, December 30, 2013

180,000 Pages views of the blog

Sometime during the night the blog counter on the right clicked over to 180,000 page views. I began the blog in August 2009 and by 2010 we'd had about 10,000 page views. A slow but good start.  By November 2011 the counter clicked over to 50,000 and in October 2012 100,000 views, which means that the blog has attracted 80,000 page views this year! The most read posts are: Dawkins & Pell on Q & A, April 2009, Prosh Dots & a Dash, my academic article about the film *The Cruicible* entitled 'Jews, Blacks...' in 2012, my commentary on the Andrew Bolt/Bindi Cole issue in April 2011, the recent Dis(ease) online exhibition, 2013 and my review of the Melbourne theatre production 'Trans-Mute' in May 2011. . From a blog that was begun primarily for my friends I'm pleased that it has extended world wide, which believe it or not has had as many views from the USA as from Australia with UK, Germany, France and Russia coming a close third, fourth and fifth. Here's the link to the August 2009 entries that I made on the blog, things haven't changed that much. I was writing and posting about art & artists and the nature of being human.

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