Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nearly October

As I fed one of the Magpies this morning I reflected on the fact that I've been feeding a mother Magpie and her daughter twice a day for the past few years. The young female Magpie is obviously feeding it's own chicks now because it gathers bread it its beak and flies off to some distant tree near the park. I remember that in November 2010 I photographed a family group of Magpies playing on the grass. This photograph shows them resting and pecking at each other. Only one Magpie stayed as a constant companion with it's mother and it's these two that know my voice.

I'll miss the Maggies when I leave this place in a few weeks time and am hoping that someone else in the vicinity will give them bread.
It's been raining overnight and as I look back on my blog posts I found this one I wrote in October 2010, that pretty much explains my mood this morning and reflects how I will feel about this October, when I more to my new place.

Soft mist shrouds the morning sky,
above the disintegrating Camellia flowers.
One lone Magpie baby calls for food.
The colors of the garden ~ hyper-green after the evening rain.
A quiescence I can't identity.
A memory that lingers after an intimate message.
This October, so different from the last.

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