Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just saying

I've made no posts over the past few days because I've had a rather distressing week, which began with Melbourne University disabling my only email account and numerous back and forth telephone calls to try to have it reinstalled. It all happened because my contract and Honorary Fellow status were out of time. I still don't know when I'll be able to read my email and save all my email contact addresses. I only know that they have said they would reinstate my account long enough for me to do this, maybe for two weeks. Anyway, I've set up a gmail account so I may be contacted at: I also have to move from this beautiful place I'm living in because I've trouble finding suitable work that would accommodate my osteoarthritis pain and I simply cannot afford private rental. Unsure where I'll be living, but am hoping that there will be trees and birds and that the place will be close to public transport and not too cold in Winter, or hot in Summer. I'll make another post when I'm feeling better about things. Until then, Spring looks like it will be here in earnest over the next few days and I'll try to enjoy that.

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