Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Given it's the blog's fourth birthday I thought you may be interested in some statistics. The list below reals the blog posts that have received upward of 200 page visits in total - this is of course, not a comprehensive list, just a number of examples, there are others. You can locate these posts in the 'search' space at the top left hand side of this blog, next to the Blogger icon.

*The Hunter* film review 221
A Book for all and none Zarathustra 238
Ephemeral Skin Images 267
Aut(o)ptics(o)ma 269
Gustave Moreau Exhibition Review 242
The Red or the blue pill reflections on posthuman 294
Peter Cripps exhibition review 328
Ephemeral Skin Exhibition 344
Burning Vanities making and unmaking the world (Steve Middleton) 346
Googleganger Julie Clarke 369
Metamorphosis, a second birthday celebration 381
*Shame* film review 404
Dis(ese), Un(ease), Mis(ease) - on line exhibition 407
Forgetting Artistic Merit (Steve Middleton) 413
Bill Viola at ACMI review 425
Trisomy 21, 439
This Early Plane, Bill Viola exhibition review 451
*The Hunger Games* film review 460
Jon Cattapan Viridian Eye exhibition review 459
Ephemeral Skin, Julie Clarke 546
2012 Paralympic Games Allison Lapper Pregnant 579
Stelarc Performance and Sculpture at Lorne 539
Julie Clarke Exhibitions and Publications 577
*The Waiting City* 623
Stelarc Suspension Event 700
Ron Mueck exhibition review 712
Julie Joy Clarke (page) 851
Trans-Mute Anything But Silent theater performance review 934
Fast Feminism Book review 1106
Short review of Rebecca Skloot's book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 1182
Prosh Pranks 1193
My Sex Robot, gynoid revisited 1251
Jews, Blacks, Women, the poor and disabled essay 1862
Andrew Bolt Indigenous politics 2246
Prosh Dots and a dash 2859
Dawkins & Pell on Q&A 3209

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