Friday, August 23, 2013

Absolute hypocrisy by the Government!

I just wanted to add to the post that I made about the impending increase in tobacco products.

It is utter hypocrisy on the part of the Australian government and others in our community to speak and support anti-smoking legislation and to be continually and incrementally making increases on the excise tax of tobacco as well as making statements about the amount of people with smoking related diseases taking up hospital beds, whilst continuing to allow people to smoke so that they (the government) can reap financial gain from smokers. Everyone knows that although they demonize smokers they want the $5.3 billion extra excise that they will receive to implement some of their policies. And I'm talking here about whatever government is elected on 7 September.  If the government (those people who are supposed to be representing our community) truly believed that smoking is an unwanted behavior and does so much damage to individuals, then why don't they have the courage and determination to ban tobacco products, or alternatively make nicotine patches, anti-smoking prescription drugs and electronic (smoke and nicotine free) cigarettes freely available? NO, they would much rather reap the monetary rewards of high excise tax on tobacco products. Such hypocrisy! Money over people that's their motto. Likewise, if they totally believed in the damage done by people and industry to the climate, why aren't they more vigilant about those who emit dangerous levels of carbon and stop procrastinating about whether or not climate change is a reality? I'm absolutely fed up!

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